Ways of Knowing: Materialising the Gaze


In my practice I am motivated by the basic aim of making something comprehensible through the unorthodox application of data.

By combining factual information with poetic and philosophical insights, I developed my own personal way of learning. This is the basis of my practice: learning and understanding ‘things’ or ‘phenomena’. My projects are mostly covert natural and humanistic studies, represented as or in art. I love to position between disciplines and seek relations on the basis of collected (digital) data.

Currently, I am creating my own instrument scientific to be able to measure the frailest and most abundant rays of light. I want to measure a this ‘phenomenon’ with a Hyperspactral Spectrographer in collaboration with Myspectral. For me, the goal of technology is not to make the fabrication processes more efficient. Rather, I will use these machines to serve my goal of understanding contexts.

This project has been made possible with the support of Stimuleringsfonds.